First Time Renting A Bouncy House? Keep These Safety Rules In Mind For Toddlers

If this is the first time you plan to rent a bouncy house for your toddler's birthday party, there are some safety tips you should keep in mind. Although your rental is safe and inflatable, it can become slippery when wet. In addition, some toddlers may get hurt if they try to climb over the edges of the house and fall. Here's how you can avoid unnecessary injuries. Choose a Bouncy House With an Easy to Navigate Obstacle Course Read More 

Using Reclaimed Materials For Home Improvement

If you are ready to tackle a home improvement project, consider using reclaimed materials instead of buying new items. Using reclaimed wood, metal, or glass is good for the environment, saves you money, and gives a unique look to your home. Wood Whether you are using wooden pallets to build an outdoor chair or crates to make a unique staircase, reclaimed wood is a wonderful material. You will need to be selective when you use old wood because it will undoubtedly have splinters and cracks. Read More 

3 Ways An Electric Pallet Jack Saves Money

Few investments are more worthwhile in the warehouse material handling or construction business than an electric pallet jack. While it might seem like a luxury item to some, or an altogether waste of money to others, this thinking couldn't be further from the truth. The reality is that your old manual pallet jacks could be holding your business back and stressing out your employees, all contributing to smaller profits. Here are three distinct ways in which an electric pallet jack can pay for itself in a few short months or years. Read More 

Caring For Diamond Blades

If you have just purchased diamond blades to use with your circular saw, you will soon enjoy being able to score and cut through some of the hardest materials with ease. Diamond blades will last for several years if you take care of them properly. Here are some ways you can help prolong the amount of life you get out of your diamond saw blades. Proper Cleaning Procedure Clean your diamond blades down using mineral spirits. Read More