Several Important Forklift Care Tips To Keep In Mind

Your business may rely on forklifts, but these devices can be subjected to intense wear and tear. This type of damage may substantially degrade the performance of the system as well as make it more likely to suffer a major malfunction. Fortunately, it might be possible for you to minimize this risk by making sure to follow these basic forklift care tips.

Have The Forklift Professionally Serviced

At least twice a year, you should consider having your forklift serviced by a trained professional. These service visits are necessary to repair the types of damage that normal wear and tear may cause. For example, the hydraulics that power the lift may start to develop leaks or other issues that can prevent the forklift from being able to function correctly. Additionally, the engine of the unit can suffer stress due to the heavy loads that the machine will have to move, and it is important to have the motor tuned up to ensure that the forklift works as efficiently as possible.  

Inspect The Lift For Signs Of Corrosion And Imbalances

Over the course of time, it might be possible for the lift to become unbalanced. An unbalanced lift can be at risk of becoming warped, and it may make the items being moved more likely to fall off.  To test the balance of the lift, you should raise it about halfway up and place a flat board on it. The board should be perfectly horizontal. If you notice that one end of the board is higher than the other, you should contact a professional technician to balance the lift. You should always avoid balancing the lift, as the hydraulic components can be under tremendous pressure, and incorrectly balance it could result in serious damages to the device.

Test The Oil Level Each Day The Forklift Will Be Used

A forklift creates tremendous friction as it is being used. For this reason, you will want to regularly test the oil level of the system. Ideally, this should be done each day that you will be using the forklift. When checking the oil, you need to make sure that you are testing the levels for both the lift and the motor. The exact steps for performing this routine check will depend on the way that your forklift is designed. However, you can locate this in the owner's manual for the unit. For those that have misplaced their owner's manual, it may be possible to obtain a new copy from the dealership or manufacturer for a small fee.