Caring For Diamond Blades

If you have just purchased diamond blades to use with your circular saw, you will soon enjoy being able to score and cut through some of the hardest materials with ease. Diamond blades will last for several years if you take care of them properly. Here are some ways you can help prolong the amount of life you get out of your diamond saw blades.

Proper Cleaning Procedure

Clean your diamond blades down using mineral spirits. Simply place some mineral spirits on a heavy-duty piece of clean, microfiber cloth and rub it along the edge of the blade and the flat surface in a circular motion. Make sure you have on a pair of gloves during the cleaning process so you do not accidentally slice your skin while rubbing. Since mineral spirits are flammable, clean your blades in a well-ventilated area. Never use acidic cleansers on diamond blades as they cause leaching. This causes the diamonds to chip.

Avoiding Overheating

Diamond blades can overheat if they circulate at too great a speed for the material they are trying to cut. If you are using your diamond blades to cut materials while wet cutting, make sure you use coolant to spray on the blades before and during the job. Keep your blades away from excessive temperatures as overheating can cause the diamonds in your blades to crack.

Check Blades For Wear

Never use a blade that appears to have too much wear or areas that look broken. If you notice any cracks or chips in the blade, it is best to replace it instead of using it and having it break during a cut, possibly causing injury or damage to the item you are working on. Check the flanges to make sure they are flat and smooth. If you see any bent portions, replace them so they do not ruin your saw. When your diamond blade is worn down to metal, it is time to replace it with a new one.

Maintain The Sharpness

If you notice that your diamond blades are looking a bit dull, they will need to be used on a soft material with abrasion to help scrape away the dulled diamonds, exposing sharper pieces in their spot. Concrete is a great medium to cut when you think your blade is starting to get excessive wear. Turn on a garden hose and allow it to run over the concrete as you cut it with your blade. To learn more about diamond blades, contact someone like Web Granite Supplies.