What To Consider When Choosing A Crane Rental Service

Choosing a crane rental service requires much more than finding a company that has the right equipment for your specific project needs at the right price. You should think through potential issues and challenges that you may face with your crane equipment rental and how the company can help you address them.

Consider these factors when choosing a crane rental service

How They Manage Customer Bookings

When you book crane equipment, you expect the crane rental service to check the availability of equipment and send you a reply.

How they manage their bookings and inventory can make a world of difference to your crane equipment rental experience. You don't want them to double-book and negatively impact your project outcomes.

For instance, consider a company that uses an automated online system to merge information on bookings and inventory in one place, allowing seamless and effective management of bookings.

The Crane Hire Contracts They Offer

Cranes are heavy pieces of equipment that require fully trained and highly experienced individuals to operate safely and correctly. When choosing a crane rental company, you may be faced with the option to enter a dry or wet contract.

A dry hire crane service is when you have to supply an operator for the crane you have booked. On the other hand, a wet hire contract is when your crane is accompanied by an operator and any attachments you need.

Confirm whether the company supplies a qualified operator and complementary attachments or if you need to source them separately.

How They Handle Late Returns 

Crane rental companies run the risk of late returns, which hurts their business because they cannot take more orders for held-up equipment. As a result, most companies impose penalties for late return of rented-out crane equipment, which can cause the cost of service to add up quickly. 

Understanding the crane rental firm's return policy is essential to ensure that the crane is available for the entire project duration while avoiding unexpected costs.

How They Quote Projects

While cost is a primary consideration when choosing a crane rental service, you should understand what is included and excluded in your cost estimates. This way, you can avoid unexpected costs that may cause your final bill to increase substantially. 

Make sure you're paying only for what you need. Getting multiple cost estimates can help ensure you're getting a fair deal.

Overall, considering these factors will help you find the right crane rental service for your needs, increasing the chances of project success.