Examples Of Heavy Construction Equipment Used In Steel Fabrication

Steel is one of the hardest materials in the world. It requires significant effort to shape, bend, and puncture it. No human has the strength or ability to fabricate it by hand.

Instead, warehouse steel workers must use specialized equipment to work with this heavy metal. They use these machines and tools that are designed for steel fabrication.

Oxy-Gas Torches

Oxy-gas torches are used to cut and weld together steel. They use a variety of gases as their source of power. These gases include acetylene, hydrogen, propylene, and gasoline. Oxy-gas torches are most often used form small scale steel fabrication projects.

Cold Saw

A cold saw is a piece of equipment that is used to saw and cut into warehouse steel. It is a handheld machine and uses a a circular, toothed blade and electric motor. It is capable of making fast and precise cuts and is one of the most cost-effective pieces of equipment used in steel fabrication today.

Magnetic Drill

As its name implies, a magnetic drill is used to drill holes in warehouse steel. It is most often used on pieces of steel that are too large or heavy to be moved. It cuts precise holes into steel objects to allow for further fabrication. It has a permanent magnetic base and uses a magnetic broach cutter to make holes in steel. 

Hem Saw Band

A hem saw band is used to make angled cuts in steel. The angles range from 45 to 90 degrees. The hem saw band lets the fabricator control the pressure and angle of the cuts being made. It also has a manual control feature that lets the steel worker see the angle and depth of the cuts being made. 


An ironworker is a machine that is capable of performing several steel fabrication tasks. It is most often used for shearing, punching, and notching. However, it can also be used for angling, bending, cambering, rodding, barring, and channeling. It eliminates the need to use different machines for each of these tasks.

These machines are some of the pieces of equipment that are used to fabricate warehouse steel today. They allow steel workers to bend, cut, drill, and weld together pieces of steel. They also allow for a certain level of control so the steel being worked on is fabricated. Because steel's strength and durability, it cannot be fabricated by hand. Warehouse owners can offer these machines for steel fabrication.