Using Reclaimed Materials For Home Improvement

If you are ready to tackle a home improvement project, consider using reclaimed materials instead of buying new items. Using reclaimed wood, metal, or glass is good for the environment, saves you money, and gives a unique look to your home.


Whether you are using wooden pallets to build an outdoor chair or crates to make a unique staircase, reclaimed wood is a wonderful material. You will need to be selective when you use old wood because it will undoubtedly have splinters and cracks. Choose your pieces so that they are relatively smooth and have few nails or staples, so they will be easier to work with and more functional. Some places will give you old pallets and other reclaimed wood for free, so call around to stores and businesses before you pay for anything.


Repurposing old metal pieces helps keep the landfills from overflowing while adding a unique style to your home. Consider using steel pipes as table legs or a desk base. Old iron barrels work as decorative storage pieces or even hidden bookcases. Consider looking at salvage yards for vintage sinks and tubs. These pieces can be used for their original purpose or used creatively in another way, such as for sofas and planters.


Old glass items can be used as accent pieces or as part of the home's construction. If you are lucky, you can find stained glass pieces that can be incorporated into a window design. Old windows are often found at salvage yards or stores, but they may be single pane and definitely not energy efficient. Also, you can find beautiful antique lamps, but you need to be certain they can be properly re-wired before you buy them.

Using an Air Compressor

True do-it-yourselfers need some basic tools to expertly work with both wood and metal. You should invest in an air compressor so that you can use more efficient pneumatic tools like air sanders, hammers, grinders, and impact wrenches. Professional tools will give you a more finished product. Some portable air compressors are powerful enough to support heavy duty construction, so if you are planning to tackle a major remodeling project, go for one of these more powerful models. If you have problems with your compressor, consult a compressor service company like Compressed Air Systems. They can provide items for compressor maintenance, such as an air dryer to remove possibly corrosive moisture from the lines. 

You can feel good about using these reclaimed materials for a number of reasons, but the most important one is the visual appeal they add to your home. You will have created a design that is truly unique.