3 Ways An Electric Pallet Jack Saves Money

Few investments are more worthwhile in the warehouse material handling or construction business than an electric pallet jack. While it might seem like a luxury item to some, or an altogether waste of money to others, this thinking couldn't be further from the truth. The reality is that your old manual pallet jacks could be holding your business back and stressing out your employees, all contributing to smaller profits. Here are three distinct ways in which an electric pallet jack can pay for itself in a few short months or years. 

Speed = Efficiency

Every business owner knows that time equals money, so any chance to improve the speed at which your business operates should be taken as a golden opportunity. Buying an electric pallet jack is one of these times, because it is indubitable that one of these improved machines will help your employees and your product move more quickly and efficiently through the warehouse and even on job sites.  

Less Potential for Accidents

Another way in which an electric pallet jack will save money is by nearly eliminating the potential for a load to be lost off of the jack, which happens far too often when jerking around a manual jack. If you've ever seen a pallet's worth of bricks or cinder blocks come crashing down to the floor, then you can appreciate the boost your business would get by being able to keep that cost from being realized when profits are totaled up. 

Less Strain on Employees

A third way in which an electric jack will save your business money is by reducing the strain on your employees, and this benefit is twofold. First, it will make your employees more efficient, instead of causing them to have to take a break after lugging a heavy pallet across the warehouse. Second, the probability of a worker getting injured as a result of moving an overloaded pallet goes down, since the electric jack can bear the brunt of that weight. 

Some business moves just make sense, like investing in a high quality sign or letting an unproductive employee go. One of these smart business moves is upgrading to an electric pallet jack, which is an easy switch to make, requiring only a few employee training sessions to fully implement. This small investment will surely pay for itself in terms of employee productivity, employee safety, and decreased overhead charges like wasted inventory. 

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