Light Up Your Work Site With A Construction Generator

There are times when you need to generate power for lights or other tools on your job site. Using a small, portable generator is just not an option, because the amount of power required far exceeds the amount of power a small generator can produce.

Determine The Size Of The Generator You Need

There are a lot of ways to determine how large a generator you are going to need. It depends on what you are powering with it. A job site that has a lot of lighting or other electrical equipment that needs to stay running will require a larger generator than a smaller site. Adding the amount of power draw from all of the devices you need to power will give you some idea of what you need and just how large a generator to rent. 

Most construction generators are large units, built-in cargo containers, or on trailers, and they offer the user between 20kw and 20000kw. The size of the unit is going to affect the price. Also, for really large units, a semi-truck is needed to deliver the unit.

Set Up The Generator

It is a good idea to have a representative from the generator company review the unit with you. They will show you the start-up procedures, the shut-down method, and what maintenance needs to be done on the unit while it is in your care.

Pick a level, solid area for the generator and remember that it is going to be loud. Placing a generator on the property near a neighboring home is not a good idea, and it will more than likely earn you some enemies, so try to keep it away from the physical homes around you. 

If the generator is going to run late into the night, you may want to get approval for it from the town or city building inspector or code enforcement officer to ensure the unit you are using is okay to run in the area where you are working.

Keep The Generator Full Of Fuel

In most cases, these large generators run on diesel fuel. Because it is efficient and easy to get, diesel is the easiest fuel to deal with and it can be moved with the generator if you need to reposition the trailer. The fuel is safe to work with as well. 

Calling a heating oil company for fuel delivery will often get you a tanker, a driver, and several hundred gallons of fuel at a time.

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