First Time Renting A Bouncy House? Keep These Safety Rules In Mind For Toddlers

If this is the first time you plan to rent a bouncy house for your toddler's birthday party, there are some safety tips you should keep in mind. Although your rental is safe and inflatable, it can become slippery when wet. In addition, some toddlers may get hurt if they try to climb over the edges of the house and fall. Here's how you can avoid unnecessary injuries.

Choose a Bouncy House With an Easy to Navigate Obstacle Course

Obstacle courses can be great ways to entertain your young party guests. But if some toddlers can't navigate the course because it's too difficult or crowded, they may become irritated and fussy. When you order your child's bouncy house, choose one that features an easy-to-navigate obstacle course. 

The course may have larger spaces between the inflatable objects on the house. If some children are still learning to walk, they can grab onto the inflatables and use them to navigate through the obstacle course. You may want to rent a bouncy house that features tunnels to make it even more entertaining for these toddlers.

Keep an Eye Out on Your Little Climbers

When some toddlers reach a certain stage in their development, they may like to climb on or over things. These little climbers may try to climb over the sides of the bouncy house. If possible, protect the climbers by placing soft mats around the house. The mats may help reduce the impact of any falls that occur from the bouncy house. 

Also, have someone stand on each side of the inflatable house to keep an eye out for escapees. You may want to rent a low bouncy house instead of one that you can't see over easily. 

Keep Liquids Away From the Bouncy House

Unless you rent a wet bouncy house, keep all types of liquids away from the inflatable. Dry bouncy houses can become sticky or slippery, depending on the type of liquid that spills on it. Sticky liquids, such as fruit juice, may attract flies and other insects. Some of these insects, such as biting flies, may harm the kids.

Slippery liquids, such as water, may cause dangerous slip and fall accidents. Even though the inflatable material of the bouncy house is soft enough to cushion your toddlers' bodies, they can fall the wrong way and sprain or twist a hand or ankle. 

To keep your guests hydrated during the party, take beverage breaks away from the inflatable house. 

If you have questions about how to keep your toddlers safe, contact your bouncy house supplier like Moonwalk Rentals today.